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You may use this page to submit ideas for new channels on the TNTGB server ( Original ideas are welcome!

Please keep in mind that we don't really want channels that would be too tedious to check, so nothing like counting whether a message contains more than 140 characters, nothing that would require us to spend 20 seconds per message inspecting whether it breaks a rule or not.

Preferably also no channels where it's so hard to write meaningful messages that nonsense and unreadable/encoded messages are the norm.

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All words in a post must have the same first letter.
Nobody, 23.03.2017, 20:46
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It’s #max-6-letter-words, but th in gs li ke th is are allowed, and abbreviations and acronyms don’t count.
InfoTeddy, 20.03.2017, 22:07
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Only banned people can speak here. If non-banned people talk they get banned.
Response from the site administrator
Dav999, 22.03.2017
Being allowed to talk in that channel shouldn't be a reward/privilege, but it sounds like it could be an interesting channel, if it were to have rules of its own (for people who are already banned) that are (generally) tougher to follow than the other channels. And if you make a mistake in that channel, you'd go back to 5 days.

If we're gonna do that, then the question is what kind of rules it should have. I have an idea in mind where each banned user is randomly given a set of 3 (?) existing channels that they have to follow in that channel at once (only combinations which can be unified, of course).
guy5, 21.03.2017, 23:23
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Zwei, 24.03.2017, 00:32
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Basically #only-post-images but instead using videos.
Zane, 22.03.2017, 16:22
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In this channel, you can only post links. Pictures are only allowed if they appear automatically with your link. Discord links are allowed. The link has to work (turn blue and be clickable) to count.
Btd456Creeper, 21.03.2017, 19:43
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The inverse of #dont_use_special_characters, this would allow for communication in forms such as '13375p34k' or just general crapposting characteristic to #only_use_e. The proposed name should be self-explanatory, although textual forms of numbers...
some_nerd, 23.03.2017, 06:23
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Simply don't use the home row on your keyboard. This means that the following characters are banned: A S D F G H J K L (And, for extension, : ; " ').
CombustingPixel, 24.03.2017, 03:38